Sweet Corn Fable

We took a risk this year and planted our first crop of sweet corn in a field where we couldn't irrigate it. When we transplanted it in late May we were in the middle of an epic heatwave and there was just no rain. A week after we planted the temps went crashing down and we had a frost. Temps went up to record levels again the next week and again was no rain in sight. The middle of June saw another really cold night and some of the field had a touch of frost. Still the corn survived. It was stressed to the max and two weeks behind schedule but it tasseled and fruited. But the ears were tiny ....so small that it didn't seem worth it to harvest. We have more corn coming later in the season anyhow. But it was a whole field and the the plants had worked so hard we decided we had better open some ears up and taste them. SO SWEET and juicy! Those little ears have a knock-your-socks off flavor. So we harvested it and will be putting it in the CSA today.

It's been a tough year so far for our community, our family and our farm has had to roll with it, work harder, reinvent, redirect and have a plan B and sometimes C and D. But there have been many silver linings as we all pull together and support each other - like the tiny corn.

Pizza Night this week will feature music from the Strap Hangers! Make a reservation or order take out via email or phone. Menu for the week is posted on the Farm website. Our Cookeville Market will be open as usual from 10-6 on Friday and 8:30-2 on Saturday. We will be stocked with Crossmolina meats - including Chickens to roast!

CSA customers can expect:


Sweet Mini Corn



New Potatoes

Choice of Zucchini or Yellow Summer Squash

Choice of Cutting Celery, Parsley or Mint

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