Dreaming of Winter.....?

Actually this photo was taken in early May - remember that? Most of the veggies we are eating now were under all that snow! But the point is not to complain about the weather (although farmers love to do that!) , the point is to remind everyone that it is time to sign up for our Winter CSA!

Our seven week share that goes from the end of October to the middle of December. It is a great way to keep eating fresh local greens and roots and stock up on storage items like taters, garlic, onions and squash. We deliver to the same towns and workplaces. More details on the website - Crossmolinafarm.com. Space is limited but we will hold off on advertising for two weeks to give current customers first choice.

Please get in touch with any questions and thanks!

And,in the meantime, this week we have:

Green Cabbage




Summer Squash Assortment


And a Choice of Snow Peas or Shelling Peas

PS- stay tuned for a Pizza Night update - we are watching the weather to see if seating will be possible!

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