Behold the Mighty Garlic Scape!

It comes along every season just when we are getting tired of just salad greens and radishes! It can be used to make pesto, spice a pasta or any other dish where you would use garlic - you can even pickle it! We will be harvesting scapes this week at our farm and -because we can't get enough of such a good thing - next week at the Rinaldi garlic farm.

Our Cookeville Market will be open from 10-6 on Friday and 8:30-2 on Saturday. We will have Strawberries from our friends at 4Corners Farm. Get them while they last!  Fresh Trukenbrod bread on Friday and Crossmolina wood-fired bread on Saturday morning. Treat yourself to a scone or sweet roll and a cup of coffee too! 

Pizza Night this week will feature music from Derek Burkins and, of course, scape pesto and strawberry shortcake! Make your reservations or order takeout online at

If Saturday evening is too rainy pizza night will be takeout only. Information will be posted on our webstie by Friday night. 

This week's CSA will include:

Snap Peas

Garlic Scapes

Rainbow Chard

Head Lettuce


And a Choice between two of our early summer favorites that you will never find in a grocery store ! Italian Dandelion Greens (you can use them in a salad, quiche, or a pasta - will go well with the escarole and garlic scapes) and Amaranth (if grown to full size it is an ancient grain but the young leaves of the beautiful red plant are also a great in salads or stir fry) ,

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