Crossing Over

The Fall Equinox is Sunday. You can feel the season change in the season here on the farm- the first frost is tonight, we are doing more harvesting than planting and weeding and we are starting to do some things for the last time - putting fields and summer plans to rest for the winter. And yet the sky is so impeccably blue, the rows of sunflowers on the edges of the corn field so perfect you can't imagine how it could all be covered in snow.....

This week's share really reflects that - we live in a place where the first red and yellow peppers and the finally ripe melons happen the same week as the first frost. I think that is part of what makes Vermont such a great place. To live and love it here you must embrace life as it comes - in all its extremes,,,

And so, in true Vermont fashion, this week's share includes:


Sweet Peppers

Green Beans

Spaghetti Squash


Head Lettuce


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