Peas and New Potatoes

New Potato harvest this week! We love these little tubers - not as starchy as a full season tater - super sweet with delicate skins - try them boiled with lots of butter and salt. Leave the skins on! You can also add freshly shelled peas for an old fashioned treat. Use the shallots and make a traditional cream sauce or just stick with salt, butter and pepper.

CSA customers this week can expect:

New Potatoes



Summer Squash


Baby Lettuce

Green Beans/Dragon Beans

Looks like another beautiful evening in the works for this Saturday!Tunes this week from the young and talented Basement Sunshine and our guest brewer will be Bent Hill. Pizza starts at 5, Music at 6. Tables and Chairs fill up fast - feel free to bring a picnic blanket or your camp chairs!

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