The Beloved Garlic Scape!

Happy to report that we have Garlic Scapes! Not only are they a sign that the garlic harvest is just a month or so away, they are a tasty treat themselves! You can stir fry them, eat them with eggs, use them in pasta, pickle them, make pesto with them, put them on pizza or in a quiche.....get the picture'?

Needless to say, there will be scapes on the pizza this week at pizza night! We will be enjoying cocktails from Hooker Mountain Distillery and music from the Magaziner Sisters who will be joined my Jim Musty on guitar and Dee Mallory on flute. The Special will be The Moroccan - feta, merguez sausage, olive, peppers and garlic scapes!!!

CSA customers can expect:

Garlic Scapes

Snap Peas



Nappa Cabbage


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