Amazing Rhubarb!

This is Rhubarb week - you will all find a tidy bundle of the red and green sticks in your bags. There are more things to do with Rhubarb than any other item you will find in your bag all season - from cocktails to pie to pickles, sweet breads and custards. The options are crazy. Take a look on line and try something different - and it's high in vitamins too!

Pizza Night this week features Tom Masterson - and he will be performing on the new stage he helped build last Sunday! The special will be the Moroccan - merguez sausage, feta, olives and spinach! For desert we will be serving up more strawberry rhubarb crisp.

This weeks veggies are:



Broccolini - Never had it? You eat the whole thing - leaves and all. Try it with lots of garlic and olive oil.

Ruby Red Swiss Chard - This chard is sweet and young enough to eat like a salad green. You could also add it to a quiche. Chard also loves bean and bacon. Spring hash anyone?

Baby Lettuce and Arugula Blend

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