The Green Under All That White

After this historically cold and wet spring which followed on the heels of the long, cold and snowy winter we have become experts at complaining about the weather! But thanks to a little row cover, some hard work and a lot of patience we will be able to stop complaining, dust off our harvest tools and begin the 2019 Season! There are greens under all those rows of white!

Our first CSA Delivery is on Friday and our First Pizza Night is Saturday! We have The Burds Brothers with awesome music and Montview Vineyard with wine from across the valley on Pike Hill. Come try wild leek pesto, morels and the first spinach of spring on your pizza! End the evening with s'mores or strawberry rhubarb crisp! Let's give the cold and wet the final shake and get the summer rollin!

Looking forward to a great season!

CSA Customers can expect:



Baby Lettuce


Senposi - a leafy Chineese Cabbage.

What to do with it all?

Spring is salad season! All of these greens can be used in a salad - they are super tender and so sweet!

The radishes are good in the salads or with salt and cheese - folks with a cheese add on have that option right from the Crossmolina Bag.

The Senposi is good in a salad with the radish and some red onion or scallions and a peanut/rice wine dressing.

And have you tried spinach in a smoothie!? Add it to a Strawberry smoothie for a power morning kick off!

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