Feeling Thankful

I really try not to complain about the weather - at least in our official farm communications - but this past week and the week coming are really trying our collective farmer patience. The cold and snow are early, intense and relentless. But aren't these local veggies still gorgeous! Looking at the bright side, all this snow and cold just makes it all taste better!

Just a reminder - we will have a regular delivery this week and NO DELIVERY THE WEEK OF THANKSGIVING.If you haven't already signed up and will be in town cooking for the holiday you can sign up for a Thanksgiving Box which will be delivered to the regular locations next Tuesday after 3pm. We also have a few turkeys still available.Finally, we have two add on items for the holiday boxes that weren't up on the website earlier in the season - we will be baking bread on Tuesday - both Pan Rutique and the usual Sourdough and will be including wine from Montview Vineyards. Montview is right here in Corinth and the wine is a great way to top off a local meal! Take a look at the website for pricing and ordering information.

In the meantime - CSA Customers can expect:


Red Norlander Potatoes

Broccoli Raab

Radicio and Escarole Mix

Red Russian Kale



What to do with it all?

The Senposi is perfect for a pre-holiday healthy miso soup or stir fry.

The Garlic, Broccoli Raab, Radicchio and Escarole can be lightly braised in olive oil and sprinkled with parmesan and lemon zest. Don't forget to try the leaves and the stalks of the Raab - green goodness!

It's going to be a busy week - start your day off right with a kale smoothie!

Happy eating and Happy Thanksgiving!

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