White Is the New Green!

We spent this week prepping the farm for the no-joke winter weather that looks to be on the way. We are looking at some accumulating snow and cold nights in the near future which means extra greens for the next two CSAs! We have lots of goodies left in the greenhouses for later but need to harvest the outside greens that won't stand up to snow and temps down in the teens...brrr!

CSA Customers this week can expect:


Purple Fingerlings


Mixed Baby Greens


Head Lettuce


What to do with it all?

Leeks are irresistible for soup and stew but they are also great for stir fry and on their own - my mom always made drunken leeks. Very French.

The carrots are so sweet we almost hate to cook them. That said, there is definitely a soup or stew in this bag of of veggies! Kale, carrots, leeks and taters....

The tatsoi is great in a stirfry but can also be eaten like a salad green or mixed in with rice at the last moment and wilted.

Use the purple fingerlings and kale to make a winter hash - nothing like some color on a grey day!

The mixed baby greens are lettuce, collards and spinach. Serve up a salad to go with your hash or stew!

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