Red Is The New Green!

We have two unusual greens in the CSA this week - something to spice things up while we wait for the slow growing early carrots and cabbages that should be ready next week!

The first is Amaranth - an ancient grain with deep red leaves that can also be used early on as a salad green, later as a braising green, and still later as a cut flower. All this before the grain harvest! This multitasking treat makes all the other greens feel lazy!

The Second is Italian Dandelion Greens - they have a little bite to them and they go really well in a salad to balance the sweet baby lettuce. They are one of our favorites on the farm and will be appearing on pizza this weekend!

Speaking of the weekend - we will be hosting Brocklebank Brewery this Saturday for pizza night and we have more mini pies in the works for desert! Looking forward to another fabulous evening!

CSA Customers can expect:

Dandelion Greens

Baby Lettuce



Red and Green Russian Kale

Garlic Scapes

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