Farm Dinner!

We are busy here on the farm getting ready for Saturday's Third Annual Farm Dinner!. The Tents are going up, the taters are washed and ready and the tomatoes are actually ripe!

We have an exciting menu planned with lots of old favorites and new choices like zucchini fritters with Bylthedale's Cookeville Grana, a Cilantro Peanut Salad and a Peach Thyme Gallete for dessert. We will also be eating turnips! We decided this veggie deserved a make over - because it is our state vegetable AND because we have music from Turnip Truck on Saturday! We paired it in a slaw with carrots, mangoes and a little middle-eastern inspired heat. You won't even believe how hip this old New England stand by can be!

The farm stand is closed this week - all the veggies, furniture and people power are otherwise occupied. There is no pizza on Friday.

CSA folks can expect:

Yellow Wax Beans



Sweet Peppers

Swiss Chard


Mini Caraflex Cabbage

Summer Squash

Sweet Onions


(Salsa anyone? )

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