August in Vermont is always bitter sweet. You get the first ripe tomatoes and the first crisp blue-sky days and cool nights of fall all at the same time.You feel sad that our short summer is already drawing to a close and yet you look forward the glories of fall. This August is made even more bittersweet by the loss of our dear Elska. One of our very first ewes, she was a gentle and noble soul. She was an amazing mother and she left us with two sweet off-season lambs. We named them August and Cricket and they are the truly sweet part of the bitterness of loosing a dear friend.

Next week is our Farm Dinner and we have lots of preparations already under way. Reservations are piling up so make yours now if you haven't already.

This is our last pizza night for August and we will have some special cheesy guests from down the road! Blythedale Farm is coming for a cheese tasting! We will have Cookeville Grana as a pizza topping and you can take some brie home to eat with your bread!

CSA Folks this week can expect:


Baby Lettuce




Green Beans


Tomatoes (just a taste - more to come)



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