It's About Time!

We have waited and waited for cukes this year and they are finally starting to come in. We have never seen them so late! Despite being in the green house, the fruit was slow to form. We finally decided it must be due to a lack of pollinators - bees stay home in the rain. We ended up hand pollinating with a paint brush. Crazy weather calls for crazy farmers!

We will finally have the full bounty of summer at the farm stand - summer squash, cukes, peppers, beans of all sorts and cut flowers too! Tomatoes are just around the corner!

Pizza night features music from Andy Mueller and Derek Burkins at 6pm.

The crickets are singing - if you haven't made it out for a pizza night yet, now is the time. Summer is passing!

CSA folks can expect:

Dragon Beans


Head Lettuce



Summer Squash



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