Brave Little Sun Flower

Found this little guy all alone in the garden today. The only one brave enough to bloom on such a cold, soggy day! We have tried not to complain about the weather this summer but the cold , grey rainy days have taken a toll on our patience. We have a soggy potato field and the slowest starting cukes we have ever grown. But we will continue to plug along and try to be more like this sunflower and less like the weather.

On great bright spot this week will be blueberries from Green Reaper Farm and another will be a rain free pizza night with live music from Thomas Masterson and Anne Stern. Come celebrate the upcoming stretch of summer weather! New this week on the veggie front is green beans and freshly harvested garlic!!! Get them while they last!

CSA folks can expect:

Snow Peas

Green Beans

Summer Squash

Baby Lettuce



Fresh Garlic

Senposai (loose leaf Asian Cabbage)

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