New Potatoes

We got em! New Potatoes are different than fall taters. Their skin is delicate, the starches are not as developed and they are super sweet! They can't really be mashed or fried well but they are amazing boiled with lots of salt and butter or (for a Vermont old time favorite) try new potatoes in cream with fresh peas and little onions. We have those too! Stop by the farm and pick up all three!

While you are here pick up a pizza to take home or stay and listen to the music. We have Dave Richard, Peter O'Conner and Brian Carroll this week. We will be putting new potatoes and rosemary on pizza this week along with zucchini, basil and our very first peppers!

Pizza starts at 5. Music at 6.

CSA folks can expect:

Snow Peas

Shell Peas

New Potatoes




Baby Onions

Summer Squash (large only - more on the way for everyone!).

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