Opening Day!


We are all set for our first CSA, pizza night and farm stand on Friday!

The rain and cold weather haven't been great for growth but we are grateful to have had an early start on the season and have lots to offer folks in the CSA and at the farm stand.

We will be stocked with fresh greens from lettuce to mustard greens and spinach, radishes, asparagus from Green Reaper Nursery, Blythedale Farm cheeses, Cotwinkle Farm Mushrooms,eggs and naturally leavened bread from our cob oven. The farm stand will be open from 4:00 - 7:00.

Pizza will be served from 5-7:30. Toppings this week include fiddle heads, wild leeks and asparagus! Sauces will be Farm House Red and Wild Leek and Sunflower Seed Pesto. Take out or eat at the farm and catch up with your neighbors!

CSA folks can expect:



Mizuna (a mustard type green -stir fried or steamed it is a tad tangy but still mild)


Baby Lettuce


Toko Bekana (an Asian cabbage like green that can be eaten fresh in slaw or stir-fried).

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