Welcome to the 2016 Season

Welcome to the 2016 Season!

We are busy preparing here on the farm. We took advantage of the recent warm weather and got lots and lots of plants and seeds in the ground. We have expanded quite a bit this year and are really excited for this season!

There is lots happening this year! We will have a new farm stand here at the farm this season on Wednesday and Friday afternoon/evenings. Later this month we will be offering pizza from our new cob oven to take home with your veggies on Fridays. We also have new team members this year - Conor and Mckenna joined us this season as farm apprentices. We are so grateful to have found such great people to help our farm grow! Please welcome us in welcoming them to the farm! This page is the best way to find out about what's happening here at the farm - what's available at the Farm Stand , when the next pizza night is, when the corn is ripe.... etc. You can also follow us on Facebook.

This post contains all the information you will need about how, when and where pick up your veggies.

The first pick up will be on June 1st in Bradford and Chelsea and on June 3rd at the Farm and in East Corinth. Pick up time is between 4 and 7 pm. Please know that we make every effort to make sure that your produce arrives at your refrigerator cool, clean and happy. Picking up on time, especially on a hot day, helps ensure that your veggies are as fresh as possible.

This year we will be sorting shares into baskets at the farm and large paper bags at the remote locations. When you arrive, large shares and small shares will be clearly marked. Please make sure you take the right size.

Want to know what is in your share ahead of time? The "This Week on the Farm" page will list what is in that week's share. We will update this page every Tuesday.

We realize that summer is a busy time with vacations etc. so we are happy to change your day. (This year we are picking on Wednesday and Friday). You can also have someone else pick up – your friends and family will love the treat! We don't need to know if someone else is picking up your share but if you need to change your day we need to know by Tuesday morning - email is the best way to communicate this. For shares picking up in Bradford or Chelsea a change of day will mean a pick up at the farm - you can pick up some pizza!

Thanks again for supporting our family farm and we all look forward to growing for you this summer!

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